Greek and American songwriters write about the harpsichord
German Church of Athens
Lou Harrison (1917-2003) Six sonatas for harpsichord (1943)
Dominick Argento (1927-) Hymne by Six Elisabethan songs (1958)
for piano and harpsichord
George Leotsakos Small Suite for Cheesecake (1958-1959)
Theodore Antoniou Who Got My Love from the movie Girl of Mani (1985)
Theodore Antoniou Suite (2001) for violin and harpsichord
Theodoros Spathis I don't love Dionysian Solom's poem for hippo and tsambalo
Dinos Constantinidis Lament of Euridice from the opera Antigen for Mesopotamia and Chembalo
Eleni Skarkou le cheval rouge for guitar and harpsichord
Paul Ventouras Music swims back to me (2016) for hipster and nibbling poem by American poet Ann Sexton
Giuli Ventoura, Chebalo
Natalie Cornilick – Cedral violin
Efi Dimitrelou soprano
Ioanna Vrakatseli mezzo soprano